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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is a way to prepare your home for sale. It is part of the overall marketing plan designed to help your home show well in photos to get the buyers in the door! Let's face it, most buyers are going to look at your property online to decide if they are even going to consider it.  Then, staging will help create a welcome feeling for potential buyers once in the property. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that buyers will feel at home in. 

Is Home Staging the same as Decorating?

No, staging is not decorating. Decorating a home is to style it with the homeowner's specific taste. With staging, the goal is to create a more universally appealing look and feel. We still want to create a warm and welcoming look, just one that is not personalized. 

What is a consultation? Is it the same as a pricing bid?

At Urbane Nest, a consultation is not the same as a pricing bid.  If you are looking for a price for staging, call us and we will be happy to view the property and send a proposal at no charge. If you have an occupied property and would like a complete room by room report for how to prepare your home for sale, a staging consultation is right for you. A consultation includes detailed recommendations for furniture placement, accessorizing, and decluttering each area of your home.

What is the difference between occupied and vacant staging?

Occupied Staging is for sellers that will be living in the home while it is on the market. Vacant Staging is for sellers that have moved out and left the home empty. Occasionally, home owners move out and leave behind some of their furnishings. We can work with a partially vacant home, as well. It may be a good idea to get a recommendation before moving to see which furniture we may best be able to work with.

Will you bring in furniture to replace ours?

For vacant homes, we will choose furniture, artwork, and accessories from our warehouse of inventory to compliment the home's architectural style and accentuate the best features. 

For occupied homes, we will do our best to use the furniture and accessories that you already own. You have the option of renting furniture and accessories if you wish. We work with you to decide what are the best options within your budget for showing your home. 

Do I have to stage my whole house?

Yes and No.

If we are staging a vacant property, we recommend that you stage the main rooms (Living, Dining, Family, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Bathrooms). It is usually not necessary to stage the secondary bedrooms. You may wish to stage rooms that might need a defined purpose or have challenges, such as to show what furniture would fit in a small room.  If your property is occupied, it it important to prepare all the rooms for photos and keep them staged as best you can for showings. 

Staging is about blank walls, taking out half of my furniture and hiding the flaws, right?

NO, no and no!

Yes, we will ask you to remove personal photos but we do not want blank walls. Personal photos are distracting to buyers, look cluttered in photos and don't allow buyers to imagine themselves living there. We do want tasteful decorative art, mirrors or decor on the walls. 

You will only need to remove furniture that doesn't work in the space. Rooms should not look sparse, but rather furniture should fit the scale of the room and buyers should be able to easily walk through.

No, we will not do anything unethical, such as covering carpet stains, holes, etc. We will accentuate the positive features of your home. 

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